Games for Windows Live problem.

Was wondering if someone can help me with this problem, did ask on the thread, and have googled but can't seem to find a solution.

I bought the Bioshock deal from GFWL yesterday, clicked download, and I get a small exe file called gfwlivesetup.exe. When I first clicked on this it installed the client then asks me to press "launch" when I do it just crashes, have rebooted and tried several times, same thing happens. Tried it on my daughters pc and get the same thing. Both Vista machines. Has anyone had any problems like this?


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I tried that, still the same.

Had already read a couple of those threads you posted, their errors seem to be slightly different to mine.

This is driving me crazy now grrrr lo

yeah I knew you probably had seen / read them. The last link although not to do specifically with your problem does have other things to try.

this was using version 3.4 seems ok in xp will boot my win7 and try…844

Make sure to udpate vista to the latest SP and then all the updates after that.

My win 7 seems to work as well

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I'm busy uploading the full msi installers to rapidshare now will put in here when ready with a text doc to tell you which order to install in.. hopefully that will get round your issue

apart form rapidshare is now rubbish so uploader is failing... I upped it to megaupload instead....…KD5

if it says temp unavilable try again in few mins in an hour etc

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