Games PC for £800 or less?

Hi folks

Hope you can help - a guy at work here is looking to buy his son a PC for gaming. He's looking for as good a spec as possible for £800 or less (no monitor required). If it looks cool that would be a bonus!!!

Any recommendations?



Look here - these guys are great, my gaming PC is from them and the build quality is fantastic.

This model comes with a 22" monitor, and costs £785 but if you remove it (the monitor), you will save £111 and you can use that cash to upgrade video card add an additional harddrive etc.

Well worth it.

I would actually get a different power supply and an additional harddrive - the graphics card is actually very good.

Can i say, the guy at work should build his own for about 400 quid. Look on Ebuyer.com for parts. If you need any help and stuff give us a message and ill help but its a massive save to build your own. That wat the kid could have a geforce 8800GTX as well as 4gb of ram 1TB hard drive and an amazing case.

If the guys worried at all about building it. The motherboard instructions tell him how to do it exactly and there are plenty of website step by steps around.

self* buildin is the way forward.. buy parts and build --- dont buy pre built, or as a package

* - someone in the know, friend, family member -- NOT PC WORLD!

or look at the zoostorm one from ebuyer for £699.. cracking deal.. posted on HUKD!!
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