Games similar to Charades?

Posted 20th Feb 2011
I really like charades, and things like that, but is there any other sort of game like that? I know about Pictionary, but that's about it....
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dont know the name but the one you put who you are on your head and ask questions so you can guess who you are..
lol if you get me..

-.- LOL, what's it called?


lol if you get me..

Articulate is very good. Firm family favourite at Xmas. Sort of the opposite to charades in that you describe, people, items, etc rather than mime them.

-.- LOL, what's it called?

Who Am I?
Players: 8-10
Equipment: Slips of paper with safety pins on them, one for each player
Preparation: Write the names of well-known people, living or dead, on the slips of paper
As the players arrive, pin the slips of paper on their backs without showing them the name on the front. Of course, they can see the names pinned to everyone else's back, but not their own. Then let them try to find out their own identities from each other by asking any question except "What's my name?" Answers can be given only in the form of "Yes" or "No."
Players cannot ask the same person more than one question at a time. They must go from one person to another. When players think they know who they are, they don't say anything, but go to the leader for confirmation.
For example, a player could ask, "Am I a general?" or "Did I fight against England?" and so on, but not "Am I George Washington?" This type of direct question is saved for the leader, when the player is already fairly sure of the answer. If players guess wrong, they go back to asking questions. After players guess correctly, they rejoin the game as answerers.
The leader can keep a record of the order in which players guess their identity and declare the winner later. The game is noisy and funny, because everyone is busy trying to be the first one to find out who he or she is. Players must always answer questions put to them by others.
A word ofcaution: Cover or remove all mirrors.

we played it with the name on a scarf on your forehead and one at a time.

My son went to a murder night they all dressed as characters-he loved that.
Cranium has some charades in it I think
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