Games to Play on Linx Tablets / What have you been playing?

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Found 30th Dec 2015
I know looooaaaaddsss of us bought these tablets and just wondered what games you have had success in playing on them? (I don't mean windows apps from the app store)

So far I have had the following running;

Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri
Escape to Rosecliff Island (HoG)
Tom Clancys Rainbow 6
Age of Wonders
AoW 2
Black Rainbow (HoG)
Dying for Daylight (HoG)
Simon the Sorcerer 3D

Also had an old version of BlueStacks Android emulator running a bit haphazardly xD


Hmmm... May install steam on the other half's so she can play my games. What's the ui like in games?

I am playing loads of FTL. Absolutely love it. You need to use a mod to get it working on touchscreen. I'll find the link when I am not on my phone.

Holly, great idea for a post. Maybe good idea to say whether you can use just touchscreen or need keyboard and mouse?

ps2 emulator is working

Final Fantasy 3 and 7 running perfectly fine with a Xbox controller.

Also pretty much anything plays on it, as steam streaming works perfect!

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Just been playing Broken Age on the tablet flawlessly, couple of stutters on loading areas but nothing that you'd really notice.

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Forgot I opened this thread lol xD

I had Fiesta Online (Gamigo official version) running today and that was totally weird

got resident evil 5 running and revelations


Holly I have just spent the past hour playing some of my games from my iMac on Steam on my Linx with a Xbox 360 controller via Steam In-Home Streaming.....OMG! It's flawless and beautiful and has given this little tablet new life

what other emulators work?

Hi everyone I have bought a linx vision gaming tablet and like playing tactical shooters like rainbow 6 etc. I bought star wars republic commando on steam but it does not work gutted but could someone please tell me what tom Clancy rainbow 6 or any other tactical shooters that I can play on it please.
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