Games, What are they called?

Do you know any games where you have to create a kingdom ect and can evolve for example eygptions evolving to romans over time, or something like that?
I've heard about civilization but I only played the first one on the NES


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Age of Mythology?Age of Empires?

Thanks I'll check them out

empire earth

Civilisation series and colonization are both great.

You should give Civilization another go, most recent is Civ 4 and then there is Civ 4 - Colonization which is about the discovery of the new world (America) start of as either the English,Fench,Dutch or spanish and conquer the new world with or without the help of natives.


Civilisation series and colonization are both great.


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Thanks, will try all these soon:thumbsup:

Settlers is really good too!


Your post reminded me of Rise of Nations:…tml

It's a real time strategy game where you start off with very basic units that you evolve over time eventually going from spears, bows and arrows to guns, tanks, planes etc. It's an old game now but quite easy to get into and enjoy as it's not too heavy.




Settlers is really good too!

very much under-rated series. Great fun too :thumbsup:
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