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I’m looking for a title of a gameshow that was on in the 90s. Definitely on around the 1998 mark.
I’ve tried to google the premise but have came up with nothing and I definitely haven’t dreamt it as my Dad and brother remember it but not the title

It was a show where two contestants played a game (such as a Nintendo 64 or Atari game) and then the loser would get thrown down into a ‘fire pit’ and was hosted by a male presenter. Does anyone have any ideas as to what on earth this gameshow was called? As a child I called it ‘chuck down fire’ - but as I grew older I realised this was sadly not the case 😔
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Only one I can think of is games master
Only ones i can think of were GamesMaster and Bad Influence! But can't remember a 'fire pit', though my memory is bit hazy!
Was it the one on Sky One - Games World?
It had different characters that people would compete against.
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Was it called Knightmare? where you had to put a helmet thing on and two contestants had to guide them?
or Steal? Gamesworld?
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I'd guess games master also, loved it.All episodes

Surely this should be voted for it would go hot..
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Sorry for late reply! Put this on before I went to sleep and forgot about it.
It definitely wasn’t Knightmare, I’ve watched an episode of Gamesworld and I don’t think it was that 😔
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According to my Dad it is infact Games Master, not quite sure where the fire comes into it, just watched an episode on Youtube and didnt see that element
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