Gamestation gave me a broken disc

Was at Gamestation near Buchannan Galleries in Glasgow on Tuesday and got Uncharted 2 for £9.99 (pre-owned). I've never actually shopped at GS before but as they are owned by Game I figured they would put one of those seals on the box. When I got home I discovered there was no such seal and the disc is actually broken - it's missing a quarter which at some point has been snapped clean-off!

Now I know for a fact I didnt do this as inside the game box is the broken disc and manual - the broken part of the disc is nowhere to be seen... So the girl at the counter clearly saw the disc was broke but decided to give me it anyway?!?!?

The problem I have is due to me being super busy (isnt everyone this time of year?) I likely wont be able to get back to the store until next week, possibly after 7 days... will gamestation believe me? I mean, you would think their staff would actually think NOT to give you a visibly and obviously broken disc so this kind of problem shouldnt exist.

Pretty damn infuriated about the whole thing to be honest...

edit: What they should be doing is showing you the disc (maybe even let you inspect it?) when they put it in the box - the way they do it currently looks very sneaky since they have their back to you and when they put the seal on (in game stores).



ring them up and tell them you can't take it back until next week

everytime i have been into a gs store and purchased a pre-owned game, they have always shown me the disc before they put it in the box. never had an issue like this before... and tbh if the disc is broken, they dont genrally take them in

Ring and speak to a manager. Explain the situation and arrange to go in on a day when he/she is working.

With any luck, the guy will be a reasonable bloke and sort it all out.

it can be down to human error. say someone is trading in loads of games, one could be overlooked, we all make mistakes. It should have been sorted when the game was filled away, and then again when it was being sold. I personaly dont believe that they would sell a broken disc. As every gamestation store I have dealt with has the policy of showing the discs before purchase.


Whilst an extreme case, this is part of the very reason I do not buy pre-owned anymore. Last time I bought pre-owned, 2/3 games didn't work, and I was accused of doing the damage to them - Wasn't best pleased at all and was refused a refund. Screw that.

New everytime for me.
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They wouldnt accept it... they refused it was their fault as their staff check discs before puting in the box. I argued "Well obviously not this time..." and he basically said it must have been me that broke it. That's the £10 written off, first and last time I buy *anything* from Gamestation.

Strangely enough I've never had any problems with the customer service from Game.
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