Gamestation prices???

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Found 29th Oct 2006
Does anyone know roughly how much gamestation buy dvd's for??? I'm looking to get a DS Lite and think the best way would be to trade in my gamecube games and some dvds for money off.

I don't have any idea what they buy dvds for though, anyone?


not much im afraid. usually £1-£3 pound. if its new you might get a bit more but they dont buy dvd/umd for much at all. there sometimes good with games tho, i usually get more than i think im gonna get lol.

yep , gamestation dont offer much for dvd's , i think you can get cash at blockbuster for dvd's more than gamestation , or try record village , they offer quite good for dvd's

try this site for an idea of trade-in prices [url]www.cex.co.uk[/url]

What Gamecube Games are you planning to get rid of?

I may be interested if you can post a list here.

also post your dvds....maybe you would make more in here...

i think they will give you more if you trade them in sometihng else in there store, rather than cash.

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Right, i'm in a hurry this morning but here's the gamecube games (If the Mods want to move the post to sale/trade then fairy nuff):

Tony Hawks Underground 2
Second Sight
Tetris Worlds
Fifa football 2003
Super Monkey ball

And For Playstation 2:

Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater
Burnout Revenge
Fifa Football 2004
Brothers in Arms Road to Hill 30

There are a hundred or so DVD's but I will post tonight. The reason i'm not ebaying is because i'm away on holiday wednesday!!! So anyone wanting anything will have to wait till i get back to do a deal :x
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