Gamestation problems

Just wondered if anyone is experiencing difficulties with Gamestation.

I ordered a DS lite on 31/10/06 and still don't have any sign of it. I e-mailed them and they advised that they do have a delay with orders just now but couldn't give me a despatch date.

Slightly worried as they have 'held' the money on my card - so worried about cancelling.

It does have something saying about orders being delayed becasue of unforeseen circumstances.

Anyone got the same problem? It's really put me off from ordering from them again.


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Tried to ring this morning and no reply - it's saying to either call back or go on the web!

I don't think you should worry too much, their parent company is Blockbuster. Generally the bricks and mortar side of the business is run very well but haven't used their online facilities yet.


Tried to ring this morning and no reply - it's saying to either call back … Tried to ring this morning and no reply - it's saying to either call back or go on the web!

Hi Katrb

Sorry to hear you are experiencing problems in receiving you order from us. Could you email me some more details please. Ideally, if you could provide the following, then I can track your order and give you an update:

Email Address
Order number

Many thanks
[email protected]

Wow, you managed to summon a contact from Gamestation to the forum, rather ingenious of you katrb

So then Andrew, fancy contacting your Lancaster outlet and proposing a higher trade in value when I go to get Smackdown 2007 (360) later? lol.

(I course I won't mention to you that I once worked for a 'certain rival' of yours.) Ooops.

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Just had a nice phone call - this has all been resolved and DS lite will be with me tomorrow.

Thanks HUKD - just shows you never know whose's watching!

I had the same problem. Emailed Andrew above and he sorted it out. Received the DS next day....cheers andrew:thumbsup:

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I had the same problem. Emailed Andrew above and he sorted it out. … I had the same problem. Emailed Andrew above and he sorted it out. Received the DS next day....cheers andrew:thumbsup:

Yeah top service - so pleased - have DS lite at a good price and on time!

Nice to know that some companies still have people who care about customers.

I am also having the same problem, ordered last Tuesday and still just showing order acknowledged. E-mailed no response, no answer by phone and you cant hold on. Finally got through today and they said I should have it end of next week. I just want to make sure I get it. If I dont get it by Friday I will try the e-mail address. Do you still get charged the next day delivery if you dont get it next day?

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I'm not sure - I'd drop that nice chap Andrew a e-mail.

Nice work Andrew. Great customer service. If God also reads Hotukdeals: -

I've been playing the lottery since the beginning and only won the odd tenner here and there. God, if you are reading this, please can you organise for my numbers to come up tonight. I would be forever grateful.

Hi there,

To answer your query we would need a bit of information from you. If you could send me an e-mail to [email protected] with the subject "HotUKDeals post", and containing your e-mail address, order number and full name, I will look into your order for you.


[email protected]

Sent an email, going shopping on Thursday night if I dont get a reply think Ill just pick one up then. Dont want to be left stuggling to find one right before xmas.

Arrived today:) , panic over, not bad it took 10 days for next day delivery!!!!!. Was told over the phone was despatched and would be here Wednesday latest, phoned Wedneday to be told "Stock had just arrived today" Called in the shop at Metro centre last night and they were very good and phoned up and got it sorted. The two e-mails I sent (one to the person asking for more details on this site) were unanswered. Has put me off from ordering from them!

Anybody having problems getting through to Gamestation on the phone, I have been trying for 2 days now its engaged all the time. If I email them they reply about 2 days later with a blank page. :thinking:

yeah i have been trying to get through aswell always engaged and if you do get through on the offchance you are greeted by the answer machine message that is untill i telephoned at just after 11 am tis morning got a girl cant remember her name said my 360 pack would be with me tommorow but my xboxlive arcade unplugged is out of stock and they are trying to source it.

get them in the morning m8 ;-)

i wonder whats wrong with the gamestation site anyway ? i really like the retail shop nice friendly staff, not so uptight like staff also dont like the game stores all bright maybe its something to do with me being 36 and still playing computer games

yup i like gamestations dark moody look better feel about it :thumbsup: just get your mail order side sorted right ;-)

Never got them to answer the phone over 2 days. How crap is that?

This is the 3rd anti Gamestation post that I've made in 3 days, I should be nicer to people as it's christmas :prop:

I'm still waiting for a pre-ordered wii. ¬_¬ they're still waiting for new stock. Anyone got any idea when a Wii Shipment will be coming in?

Got fed up with trying to get hold of gamestation via phone (always engaged) and email not response ! So phoned my local Gamestation shop and they said that if I come into the shop and purchase one then they will be happy to refund the money if I bring the other one (from gamestation online) in to them when it gets delivered.

So I have done this and have the xbox in my hands now

Oh it was for the £299 Xbox deal with TC R6 Vegas
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