Gamestation script?

Every time I visit Gamestation my PC freezes for a few seconds and a message pops up - "stop running this script (yes or no)- A script is causing your pc to run slowly".

Some other websites are causing the same problem

Any idea what this is about as it is extremely irritating.



Tried using NoScript on Firefox? - you can then view and disable anything run on any site - should help finding what wrong.

lol i read this as in "i vist gamestation (in person) and I freeze after a few secounds and a msg pops up"

Anyways sounds like some security setting is set to high to block possible misc scripts. Try using Firefox or I.E

Which version of internet explorer are you using?

Original Poster


Which version of internet explorer are you using?

Its IE7 - been fine up until now.

Resetting IE didn't do any thing except delete all my saved passwords.

Installing IE8 as we speak.
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