Gamestation sending out Used games when they should be New. Anybody else experienced this?

I just wanted to get this off of my chest.

I have received a few games from Gamestation which I purchased from their website as 'New' but have turned up in clearly used condition.

One was a limited edition Street Fighter IV game which came in cardboard case which was dented it but the packaging it came in wasn't so it was clearly sent out knowingly damaged!

The others were 2 steelbook games that were unsealed and clearly worn around the edges and on the outer plastic slip case.

All were replaced with new ones but it seems to be a common theme when I buy from them.

Has anybody else had this experience?


Original Poster

Just me then :oops:

I must've been born under a bad sign!

are you a leo:whistling:

They do it all the time, they sell them in their shops as well, so do Gamestation. HMV have done it as well, I got a game from HMV and the disc inside was in a sainsburys bag !!

Not good, sounds like a case for trading standards this one.

At least they replace them for you, but there are probably those who don't bother and end up keeping their "used" games which are supposedly new.

In my experience loads of company's that deal with disk media will sell unsealed as new. Game, Gamestation, HMV, Play, Amazon, I've been hit by them at at some point. I have argued both online and instore about these unique policies they make up and get no where. Game are the worst IMO.

They do because they can.

Shopto have done it to me with Tekken 6

the thing that makes me laugh is that they have policies that you cant return the game if it isnt sealed
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