Gamestation Skate 2

I just heard skate 2 will be £45 on release, can anyone confirm that this is true as £45 does seem like alot to me


why not order online?

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I have to go instore due to having a £28 credit note I can use

Gamestaion website states 39.99, but it will be best to wait for price drops. Not sure if they still do price matches or not, last time i asked them to price match call of duty 5 with asda they said nah so i went to PC world instead and got them to price match it.

Anyone know if the supermarkets are going to discount this?

If you trade in the new Call Of Duty you can get Skate for £10

they usually price match with there own website well mine do


If you trade in the new Call Of Duty you can get Skate for £10

Is that at gamestation I assume?

to answer my own question yes.

if you pay £45 for skate 2 you are mad


don't know if the price is write but it is a good game got it at home and it is worth getting.
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