Gamestation v CEX Trade-In's

Does anyone know what the policy is for trade-ins for Gamestation.

I took a game into G/station in town (sunderland) and was offered £14 cash. Stated CEX were offering £25 cash as per website.

they said the both stores had to be in the same town. Ridiculous!!


i asked in game station about this once, as i rang local GS to request trade in price, then rang one by in laws, was £7 more.

I was told that in gamestation it depends on how many they have in the individual store, that then detrmines the trade price.

CEX seam to just have a set price..:thumbsup:

:oops: sorry that applies to cash also

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:oops: sorry that applies to cash also

does ]THIS mean CEX will give me £25 cash for James Bond. £11 difference is a lot, given the fact GS wont be beaten on trade ins


JUST LOOKED NOW :thumbsup:

We used cex more than gamestation..

gamestation have a clause about 'won't be beaten, something about a £1??

i reckon you'll be best using cex!

can u do trade ins online as in send them by post n they send a cheque ect i dont have a cex near me

yep you can do it online..


check it out:thumbsup:

yes, just check out their website for latest prices and deal

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yes, just check out their website for latest prices and deal

got a cex about 20miles from myself but selling it on here i think :thumbsup:
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