Gamestation / Xbox warranty issue!!

Found 3rd May 2010
hi my xbox has been giving me the 'Open Tray' error message for a couple of weeks now but after opening and closing the disc tray it worked as normal. But now it just says 'Open Tray' and makes a noise and vibrates and does nothing else, nothing no action. So as you can imagine im a little upset so logged on to and it said my warranty has expired on the 3/11/2008 but i didnt buy the xbox until the 28/12/2008. So on the face of it it seems like i've been sold an out of warranty xbox. I have the receipt and confirmation from that it has expired so is there any legal issue here because it seems fishy to me.
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You get 1 year warranty by law on any defect of the console.
Microsoft give you 3 years from the day you bought it ( if you have the receipt. If not it goes by the manufacturing date ) on 3 red lights and E74.
So with your open tray problem you're out of luck unless the shop is nice and replaces it anyway.
Just induce RROD
wrap a towel round it and turn it on
Shops will not take back xbox consoles - they state some crapola about needing to return it to microsoft for all faults
Overheat it and get RROD
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