Gamestop Massive sale discount Tommorrow 12th March 360/PS3

Just a heads up, Gamestop are expanding their current promotion from tommorrow
They are currently offering big discounts when you trade in any game,against selected NEW titles (ie. not pre-owned) for either £2 or £5 depending on new game selected .. as long as the game is not a sports title 08 and below, then all games are accepted for trade in, so eg, fifa 09 ok but not fifa 08 or below.Yesterday i picked up Dark Void and X-men origins wolverine for £5 each (360) along with 2 of my old 360 games!

Now.... as of tommorrow the list of games in the promtion has been expanded to include

All above are only £5 each plus tradein!

Below are some of the added games that are now only £2 plus trade in ( some previously £5)

UFC 2009

All the games listed above are available on the promotion subject to stock on either the 360 or ps3, one point to mind is if trading in your 360 games you must choose 360 games from the promotion and same for ps3, you cant cross trade different consoles

For your nearest GAMESTOP store:…asp

I know one of the guys in my local store very well and he gave me the nod tonight!

Hope this helps a few on here!


this is going to tease a lot of people like me who dont have a gamestop near by.

what a dumb promotion, you could just go to the game, buy a rubbish preowned game for £5 and trade it in...shame i don't have one near me

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what a dumb promotion, you could just go to the game, buy a rubbish … what a dumb promotion, you could just go to the game, buy a rubbish preowned game for £5 and trade it in...shame i don't have one near me

i agree its a mad promotion but i plan to be there at 9am witha dozen games to trade-in:thumbsup:

Is this deal still running? I might go in today

It's worth going into the Birmingham store just to clock the threppers on the sales assistant...

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Yes still running, i did very well at it,going up to get a super elite and 2 games at game tommorrow,trading in my current elite same time, cost zero, thanks to gamestop tradeins

Just be careful Game dont reduce tradein prices on bioshock 2 , dantes inferno etc, thats why its always better to hammer these deals at the start

Game won't change it, I used to work at one. As long as they're selling GameCare, they don't make as big a fuss over their other stuff.

I will check though, they do some decent trade-in deals sometimes. Thanks for the reponse guys :thumbsup:

EDIT: I will probably sell to CEX for 19 on Dante's Inferno (I believe it was that for £19), their website selling prices are consistant with their store prices, and usually do the best deal, but I'll shop around of course.

Bioshock is apparently out of stock for the Xbox in the Birmingham store. I just phoned up to check. He did say it was in stock for the PS3 though which suggests thy are in the deal too.

Can you post a list of games that you were able to trade-in please?
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