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Found 7th Dec 2010
As a member of the Battlefield Bad Company 2 BFN clan and running in connection with that hugely popular thread (SEE BELOW) I've decided to run a Gaming award of 2010 thread for BFN members and who ever else wishes to join in!

So please see the nominations below and reply with your own!



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Gaming Awards

Best Multiplatform Game of 2010

Battlefield Bad Company 2, for its vast maps and the way it brought together the BFN clan!

Best PS3 Exclusive of 2010

Demons Soul's, played this with my Brother in law after reading FC's review and WOW!

Best Xbox 360 Exclusive of 2010

Halo Reach, gameplay and multiplayer. Multiplayer is like every other game. Get a good group of people and the experience is so much better.

Best Wii Exclusive of 2010

Super Mario Galaxy 2, enough said!

Best Gaming Memory of 2010

For me destruction in BFBC2, bringing the house down on people is awesome!!

Biggest Let Down of 2010

Kinect & Move, both I feel have failed to make their equipment stand out from the Wii (IMHO)

Best Website For Gaming of 2010

metro.co.uk/tec…es/ Hand's down this one for me, most unbiased and trusted review's I can find. (Apart from BFN members reviews of course!)

Most Anticipated Title of 2011

Killzone 3, for me the footage so far just makes this game standout from the others.

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Thought these were going to be the fanpages awards X)





Thought these were going to be the fanpages awards X)BFNSy

If that was the case, can I add a few of my own categories



edit: lol @ thread lock. BYE FOR NOW!
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So did I also, BFBC2 has pretty small maps.

I see your lock and raise you and edit edit edit.
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