Gaming chairs - aren't they too narrow?

Posted 29th Aug 2016
Just curious - how do you manage to sit on gaming chair, which is only 37cm wide? Most of gaming chairs are this narrow, I can barely find something wider. I have 98kg which is about 15.4 stone and from outer side to outer side of my thighs is 44cm, when I sit comfortable. I had never a problem with any chair, I wouldn't say I'm obese... I just don't get it. Can anyone help me to understand why they make these gaming chairs so narrow and how average human sits on them? Thanks…tml
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The seat you are looking at is a bucket seat. These are generally quite narrow as they come up at the sides. I work with cars and have quite wide hips (Being female) so have trouble with these seats myself.
seems expensive and I thought gaming chairs were the other type do games plug into this not really into games anyway having a quick look online ebay they are around 50cm wide and around 50 quid also this one a bit more…Mmg
This chair is kids with too much money. I can understand a chair with attachments for hotas or steering wheels but it's just an office chair. There isn't even surround speakers in the chair. Also if you leant back that far in this chair it would topple.
Except for the bucket seat it's an standard office chair.…m=0

Just bought this for my son and it has better designed arm rests in my opinion.
maybe your hips are too wide?
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