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    Looking for a good gaming computer, imagine there is scope for getting a good deal with all the sales ATM, anyone seen anything good? Thanks so much


    There are no real deals this Christmas, they all put their prices up BEFORE Christmas, then lowered them slightly for the sales; so something that cost £300 last month, is now "£350 with £50 off" in the sales.

    I had my eye on a new Samsung gaming monitor; 18th December the price went up from £365 to £500!! Then "reduced" to £430 in the sale!!


    Any views on this? New PC

    Spec is what I'm looking for, been looking for a few days and can't see same spec any cheaper elsewhere.

    if your serious phone the company's and ask for specs ie
    what motherboard, gpu , ram, and googe the results on components

    Or I can't believe it hasn't been said build it your self,
    but after listening to TOO many post counts I just want it to work out of box now.

    Cheers for that. I have thought about self-build but tbh the 3 yr warranty is the decider for me (plus the saving is negligible unless you go for 2nd hand parts or cheaper components). I've bought from Scan before and been very happy so will probably get that one. Only negative for me is that it doesn't have a AIO liquid cooler, but I could add that at a later date if the CPU gets too hot under load.

    Cheers for the reply, much appreciated.
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