Gaming computer for under £800

    I'm looking to buy a gaming computer now that my 5 year old computer broke last week. My max spend is £800 and I don't want to build one myself, because I know I will screw it up.
    Been looking at this one:…-OK
    Its £606, but with windows 7 and upgradin the graphics card to a GTX 470 it comes to £774

    So is that a good deal or not?
    If not can anyone suggest a better computer, thanks.


    had a look at scan?

    i've heard overclockers have really crap customer care though i've never used them myself.

    it really is not hard to build yer own though and you get to pick and choose the components you like. (quite enjoyed it when i was putting mine together)

    do check out a few benchmarks for cpus and graphics cards before choosing which ones to go for.

    you could also have a look at novatech

    Original Poster

    Thanks for links, i'll take a look. As for overclockers i've heard they are very good and i'm on their forums now and they have 1500+ members online right now, so they must be doing something right.
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