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    Looking for recommendations for gaming desktop with Windows 10 (complete with monitor etc would ideal). Around £800. For a Teenage girl who mainly plays Steam games, Overwatch and suffers homework occasionally. Any help appreciated.


    Willing to self build? £800 will get a lot of computer in a pre built but self building will generally give a more future proofed and the best of components rather than potentially a compromise. Self building is a great learning tool and can build confidence that a few years she doesn't start moaning asking for a new PC, she will ask for a graphics card or specific parts to build the machine up to a new level. I will also say it's very straight forward to do, just requires patience, a bit of care and before you buy the parts to get someone to check they agree it will all plug in together without issue.

    Another advantage of a self build is that often components themselves come with long warranties like hard drives having up to 5 year warranties vs possibly having a harder time claiming for a dead hard drive after the initial 12month warranty on most pre built machines expires.

    Would you consider used/refurbished components like monitors (as this can get you some pretty top end gear for a lot less money).

    Do you need to add in parts like, keyboards, mice, desks etc?

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    Are you up to the task of building it yourself (no where near as difficult as people think) or do you require one ready built? If you build it yourself obviously there will be a bit of messing about but you will definitely get more for your money..

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    I'd prefer one ready built. I could do without the hassle. I understand where you are coming from though. Will be requiring keyboard and mouse as well.

    I went through PC Specialist for mine and the cost of having it built was negligible on top of the parts cost. They did a pretty good job too

    Do you work in an office at all? Most IT support folks will be able to throw a pc together in no time. If you were able to source and buy the parts? Means you can get the best price by shopping around and then let them put t all together for you (just don't annoy them about fixing it, take it from someone who works in IT it's not a warranty if I build it)
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