Gaming desktop for Football Manger 2020

Posted 5th Dec 2019
Looking to get a gaming desktop that will run football manager 2020, have a budget of about £250 any ideas on where the best place to look is? Ebay?

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I went with Stadia for this purpose, as I otherwise don’t have any specific need for a desktop (or laptop even).

FM20 supposedly runs fine on Stadia.
Yeah I considered this option but apparently football manager doesn't work too well with a controller
Something like this?…0-b

Remove HDD, get a 480GB SSD
HERE are the requirements for your chosen game. Not huge to be fair but your budget is very small for a "gaming" PC. You maybe need to look at a 'barebones' machine and source your OS from the likes of Ebay for a few pounds. The "used" market would certainly open up the field (and spec) towards value for money. I take it you already have a monitor/keyboard etc?

If you're only interested in the football game(s) then a cheap laptop might be worth considering? You could pick up something capable on your budget, I'm sure.

Regards, Phsy.
This is way over the require spec. You can watch the item and submit a last seconds bid if no one bidding it.…BGW
This is a current deal for a more than capable machine (for the money):…440
Thanks guys, yeah I've already got a mouse/keyboard and monitor so just looking for a base unit, might tray and sneak in and grab that base unit on ebay Cisco mentioned that looks a bargain if the price doesn't go up much
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