Gaming desktop PC between £500-£600

    No monitor required. Any input would be much appreciated as I'm not really up to date in terms of what specs I should be looking for within my budget.



    Would you be willing to build your own?; if not from scratch then from a barebones system, which is incredibly simple to do and ends up much cheaper than buying one ready built

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    Would preferably like one ready built as I don't really have the time to make one up myself. Perhaps it's something I should look into though if it works out much cheaper.


    i would suggest buy a dell with a decent cpu and then its easy to add a pci video card yourself, (dont buy that bit from dell as it will be way overpriced)

    If you go down the barebones route then this is a beast of a PC
    Novatech Barebone Bundle - AMD Phenom 965 - 4GB DDR2 800Mhz - AMD 770 Motherboard --…4G2
    Optical Drive -…tml
    GPU - ATI 5770 -…tml
    Hard Disk -…tml
    Comes out with delivery at around £590, but no OS. If required then you could add windows 7 for around another £70, and either take the cost or drop down to a slightly lesser quadcore barebones. Ridiculously easy to set up, along with the online guides, and will easily tank any game you put near it at the moment, along with Direct X 11 support. Hope it helps!

    If you don't wanna build one, try ebuyer:…-PC
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