Gaming desktop pc wanted for a M8

Found 28th Apr 2010
My mate wants me to find a good deal for a gaming pc. Have looked at deals on here but to be honest i am not sure what specs are required for a gaming pc. Any help appreciated.
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Budget? (If it's less than £400 he's better off buying a console.)
Budget not so important so long as it is a good deal (bang per buck) :-)

Budget not so important so long as it is a good deal (bang per buck) :-)

Well could put a real nice system together for about £3k based around a i7 975 extreme and a couple of HD5970's.

You need to go away and ask your mate to set a budget then ask again.:thumbsup:
ok lol.... budget is up to £600. He is not a Major gamer but would want a system that can play current titles available.

Also bluray drive is required
I could sell one I built that just needs a graphics card, brand new has Vista Ultimate, 1TB of storage(over 2-3 hard drives depends on how many he wants) 4 gigs ddr 2 ram, Q6600 pci freeview card, pci wireless card, dvd burner.

All for £320 but I can sell another new one with a Q8200 and Win 7 for £250 every other spec is the same,
I dont think you will get a decent gaming PC with a blu ray player for £600 (not a complete system anyway - screen etc, or does he just want the system unit?).

The latest issue of Computer Shopper (June 2010) reviews 12 complete PCs.

Four are "budget" (around £400-£425)

Four a mid range (£550-£600)

Four are top range (£750-£800)

Of the mid range (£550-600) NONE come with Blu Ray, and two are fitted with an ATI Radeon HD5670 graphics card. The review says this card is a good value gaming card and can play Call of Duty and Crysis at certain frame rates (I am not a gamer so no idea how good the 5670 card is).

The "winner" at this price was the CYBERPOWER Ultra Triton XT at £579

Scroll down this page to see it

Just the base is required..

Thanx 2 those who have replied already..
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