Gaming during isolation

Posted 17th Mar
After receiving the word that I’m officially on lockdown from the office, my mind immediately turns to gaming in those downtime moments.

We finally have no excuses to begin making our way through the backlog of games but on the cheap from this fine/money haemorrhaging site.

So what are you planning to delve into? For me I’m going classic FPS. The Doom series on Switch and Master Chief Collection and Titanfall 2 on Xbone

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I’ve been wanting to play fallout 4 for a long time and that time has come, will also be playing warzone
For me it won't be gaming I will be binge watching 'netflix' so many recommendations by people of what to watch
Baldurs gate 1 and 2 remaster on PC should kill a few hours
Jimathon17/03/2020 11:07

I’ve been wanting to play fallout 4 for a long time and that time has c …I’ve been wanting to play fallout 4 for a long time and that time has come, will also be playing warzone

Been playing this for the past 6 months off and on. Back on it now. So much content, I'm in Far Harbour just now which opens up so much of the game.

Also playing Darksiders:Warmastered, Batman Arkham Asylum (again), going through the arkham trilogy. Next will be Devil May Cry play throughs. I have Metro Exodus and The Outer Worlds also lined up.
If anyone knows of a free to play website where our poker card school could meet virtually that would be really cool. We don't want to use real money - we can settle our debts physically when we meet.
We normally play 6 card brag (don't ask) at 5p in a kitty each deal with the pot growing until won outright. Of course we could adapt to whatever is out there but if there was a website which met our exact requirements that would be super!
Bioshock Collection was a PS Plus game recently, I never got around to playing Infinite when it originally came out so seems like a good time to play it now. The same goes for Shadow Of The Colossus which was also given away with PS Plus recently.
Isolation is just giving me more work to do, I have the ability to work from home but the vast majority of my colleagues do not. Haven’t got time to think about gaming at the mo.
If you follow motorsport or Sim racing you’ll probably know a “Not the Australian GP” event took place on Sunday, featuring McLaren driver Lando Norris, and streamed across channels on YouTube and Twitch. I think they got over 100,000 concurrent views. There’s talk of quite a few of the cancelled motorsport events moving to online sim racing platforms during the shutdown, so I think that’s one area of gaming that’s going to be huge. I’m just a Forza pleb though .
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Sonic forces
I'm going to try to return to Elder Scrolls Online on PC. The guilds I was in still have very active discord channels so it will be nice to still have chats with people, also be interesting to see what people from EU are making about the current situation.

(I tried joining a US guild but they spent most of the time apologising for Trump)
14 day self isolation started for me today. I am currently playing Call of Duty, Modern Warfare. Double XP on everything til tonight, so leveling up on that right now
I read that Steam usage was up 75% over the last weekend..
I have to work from home if our office goes into lockdown, so no backlog attention for me..
Just get the new remake of Black's got far more levels, it's great...I'm an old git, and half life & half life 2 were my all time faves
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