Gaming Folk Question About 'Season Passes'

    Hi Gamers

    Just wanted to know what these Season Passes are on games nowadays? Are they add ons?

    Example is there is a Season Pass for Fall Out 4, StarWars BattleFront etc. What does that do?

    How long does a Season Pass last? Is it like a yearly sub? Or forever?

    Sounds Like Money earning from developers.


    It's a pass for any planned DLC for the game.

    They are add ons or extra content, whats in them varies from game to game, for instance you could buy Battlefront and it may say that the season pass includes 5 multiplayer maps and a single player mission or better weapons and new vehicles etc.

    Season passes mean you pay upfront for future DLC but this doesn't mean all DLC which is the scam. Game Of The Year (GOTY) Normally means you get most of the DLC included.

    DLC (game addons) can be bought either bit by bit or (via season pass) all outright including future releases, but if a dlc is considered big enough it might still need to be purchased separately.

    As you're likely getting the impression from the replies above, you need to do a little research into the specifics of what the 'season pass' covers for any given game.In each case it'll be DLC of some form, but the nature and extent of that DLC varies significantly between games.

    For the specific games that you mention:
    - Fallout 4: The season pass covers all released and planned add-ons, but each add-on is quite different in what it covers. In each case, this is single-player content only. Details here:…t-4
    - Star Wars Battlefront: The season pass is entirely for multiplayer content. Details here:…ass
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