Posted 12th Dec 2022 (Posted 5 h, 39 m ago)
hi all, my son has a turtle beach recon 70p headset on xbox but the mic picks up loads of background noise.
i use a plantronics voyager 4200, and a jabra evolve 65 for work, and the mic noise cancelling is fantastic. what is a good headset for a teen to use that is comfortable but the mic is noise cancelling so his friends only hear him and not everything else going on in the house.?
was looking at steelseries arctic 3 or the JBL Quantum 100
These two are about where the budget is for a wired headset for him
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    Will recommend hyperx cloud to anyone that will listen

    I've had lots of mid and high priced sets and these beat out them all for mic, sound and comfort
    ok, they are £13 so worth a go i suppose, and the mic is good? doesnt pick up background noise?
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    I use the official xbox wireless headset, its only around £90 or you can get the wired version for around £40
    and hows the mic on it? does it pick up background noise? or the noise cancelling mic actually is noise cancelling?
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    I'm guessing if they're the 70p it's playstation, has he went into the audio settings for mic volume and turns that down? Maybe the mics full blast so picking background noises up easily
    It's Xbox. Maybe not 70p. It's blue and looks exactly like a 70p 😁
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