Gaming Keypad Vs Gaming Keyboard

Found 3rd Sep 2017
Long time console player coming to pc for the first time,I have just purchased my first gaming pc.

I had no problem adjusting my aim with the mouse, however I am struggling with the keyboard. Moving around and using items, crouching, jumping etc seems awkward and I have to keep looking at the keyboard to know what to press.

I have been looking at getting something like the Razer Tartarus. Has anyone tried one of these? (or something similar) Any opinions?
Thanks for reading.

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Some PC gamers will disagree with me, but I feel its down to the game. PUBG is great on keyboard, but a game like rocket league IMO Is better on pad

If you find it tricky going over to keyboard. Use Steam, big picture mode and you'll be able to use a PS4 or Xbox controller. There's also optimised controller configurations for most games on Steam, easy to assign.
Stick with it and the muscle memory will come, it's just that you're not used to it.
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