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Posted 1st Jun
Recently bought a gtx1050 gaming laptop it now has a 256gb name drive as well as a 1 tb hard drive,memory has been upgraded to 16gb I bought it from the Argos clearance website about 5 months ago.Just wondering if I should be looking at getting another laptop with better gpu or holding onto it for another year what’s everyone’s thoughts
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The 1050 will play most games easily. Not with the highest fps but it will handle them. Unless you want to spend about 1k there isnt many that have a much better gpu
Glad you said that,I’m mainly a PS4 pro player but find myself playing the odd game on the laptop,so I reckon it could hold out for another year or 2
Maybe when the new consoles come out things will get cheaper and better
I have a GTX 1050 laptop and have been able to play everything I want on low/medium settings. I'm planning to keep it for several years - even when it becomes too outdated for new games I have a huge backlog of games to play!.
You know you are both making me appreciate the fact that i still have a perfectly working laptop.I do have to make sacrifices on say warzone to low settings but it runs at a fairly stable 60fps and games like warhammer 2 total war and farcry 5 run on medium
It runs metro exodus on medium at roughly 40fps
Depends what you want, I had a 1070 and that managed just about everything at 1080p/ultra and then dropping to medium or low for 4K, was kind of overkill for the 1080p screen it had. 1060 is pretty perfect for 1080p at a nice frame rate, but my laptop had a 144Hz screen and you really need something pretty powerful to make use of that, was gloriously smooth. If you go for something with a nice high Hz screen you need a much better card than a 1050.
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