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Found 23rd Jul
hi has anyone recently purchased or seen a good spec gaming laptop from Very approx £600 or so with a ssd drive? thanks!
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What games are you playing/wanting to play? With a budget of £600 you're very unlikely to get a gaming laptop. If it's at all possible, you'd stretch your budget far further with a desktop.
John_Irwin9 m ago

The discrete graphics chip is perhaps the key distinguishing factor for a "gaming" laptop.

Of those shown at the link:
The 940M and 950M are last-generation chips, so won't be ideal for demanding games.
The MX150 is a low-end current-gen chip
The 1050Ti is a decent entry-level chip, but far from top-end (and that laptop exceeds your £600 budget).

You'll likely be able to get 1080p graphics at low-medium settings with a reasonable though imperfect frame-rate (sub-60fps) in many games - that may be enough for you.
This is probably the best you can find for £600.…BwE
Obviously it is not from very
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