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Hey all,

I'm heading away to Uni in September (well starts in October but have to be in accomodation by then). I'm looking for a laptop that will bascially replace the PC that I have at home.

I'll be taking my 500gb external with me so no need to worry about a large capacity HDD. I usually play Counter-Strike Source, Half-Life Deathmatch and Enemy Territory so I'd need a laptop with a graphics chip that will be able to handle those games with no bother. Screen size either a 15.4" or 17" would do. Memory would probably be 512 and above (ideally 1GB). I'm not really fussed about the processor speed, but (again) something that will handle those games and apps like Photoshop CS2/3, Dreamweaver, and other such programs.

Any help would be appreciated with this


I heard you can get external PCi-e graphics card adaptors, so you can use any graphics card on a laptop, so as long as you have the processor power thats all you need.

These are expensive, but if its a laptop for gaming your after then you can't go too far wrong with alienware...


Dell Xps 1710 series notebook is pretty good too
17'' monitor with 1920X1080 resolution.. that's high def.. which is really good for watching bluray or hddvd...
Decent graphic card too, 7900 go series, or 7950 gtx if u want even better graphic power
1gb ram, upgradeable
Good core 2 duo processor
Comes with Vista Home premium
However, if you want 8 series graphic card you would have to wait till Asus release their next gaming laptop or some other vendors to do so
Well, it's pretty expensive too, more than 1k pounds, but if u have the cash, it is really good


I heard you can get external PCi-e graphics card adaptors, so you can use … I heard you can get external PCi-e graphics card adaptors, so you can use any graphics card on a laptop, so as long as you have the processor power thats all you need.

Anyone know about this?? sounds interesting!! :giggle:

I have Dell XPS1710(17"screen) Specs Are Duo core 7600cpu,1 gig ram, nvidia 7950gt(512mb) 120gig, dvd rw, wireless etc and plenty usb ports.
This laptop is awesome for gaming as it plays all the latest games, battlefield 2142, farcry, call of duty etc, if you want a laptop to play games be prepared for a big price but there is always room for negotiation.
Tip if buying from Dell, configure the machine you would like to purchase on website but don't purchase through it, PHONE them. If you decide to go for a XPS system you will be put through to different dept. and here the fun begins. Always be polite and tell them exactly what you would like and then ask for price. Then at the end let them know you have seen same spec machine cheaper plus your getting free case and 3 yrs warranty for less than price quoted (from ROCK or similar). They won't be long in offering free printer or something, knock it back politely and say you would rather have money off. Do this a couple of times and i bet you when you get to How much do you want to spend quote something you are realistically prepared to pay. You won't get offered it and then you say thanks but if you can't get close then i will now go a buy laptop from ROCK. Hang up the phone and in 5 mins they will phone with new offer.
I got free XPS bag, 3 years warranty, av for 3 years, and the price...... Should have paid £1880 my deal......£1500.
Oh i nearly forgot when they phone you back and price is reduced or improved offer ask them for EPP discount(Employee purchase program if parents qualify). if parents or family member works for a company that is part of this program you would be entitled to 10% if spending over £1200, you won't get that aswell but i bet they take more off.

Happy shopping!!

wow.. that's some really good tips, does it work with other things they sell? ie monitor

don't know about that minyee but it's worth a try, if you don't ask you don't get!!

take a look at this one..it'll play games no probs and quidco cashback..4% I think?

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Thanks for all the replies!
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