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    Looking to buy a laptop for gaming (i.e The Sims) at some point before Christmas, if not for Christmas, and I was wondering if anyone could give me an idea of specs. and prices for a laptop that could easily withstand a game like The Sims. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I'm looking to spend about £400, but as I said, just need a general idea.



    You could get a laptop to play the original sims games for £400 but I'm afraid a "gaming laptop" and £400 don't mix.

    Like I said though.... a laptop that can play The Sims 1, is not really classed as a gaming laptop these days - and most new models will be able to.

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    Cheers. So how much would I be looking to pay for a computer with these specs?:
    800 MHz P3 processor
    256 MB RAM
    3.5 GB of hard drive space

    And do PC games for XP etc. work with Vista at all? Or is that a whole new set of games?


    That spec needs pushing up.

    If thats all you need - then the very cheapest laptop froms currys, pc world or ebuyer will be fine for you.

    Heres one for £299 in pc world....…751

    # Intel Celeron M Processor 440
    # 1.86GHz, 533MHz FSB, 1MB Cache
    # Genuine Windows Vista Home Basic
    # 512MB Memory
    # 80GB Hard Drive
    # DVD ReWriter MultiDrive
    # 15.4" Widescreen Display
    # 128MB Intel UMA 950 Shared Graphics

    This really won't be much use for anything but older older games (I suspect the sims will be fine on it though)

    Alternatively, this is a great brand at a decent price:…932

    ***actually scrap all that***

    Look at this:…981

    £399, good brand, 1gig of mem, 80 gig hard disk, and a*not as **** as the others* graphics card.

    and the best thing.... it comes with XP Pro, not Vista. (most of the cheaper laptops come with vista basic but the specs mean itll run dog slow!)

    See what other members think, but I reckon thats good for the price...

    edit: wow its widescreen too

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    Thanks Vibeone, that last one looks pretty decent :thumbsup: Rep given.
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