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    Hi im looking to buy a gaming laptop and i was wondering if anyone can advise me on the best laptop to get around £700 mark.

    Also should i be looking for a quad core laptop or core 2 duo laptop?


    I Think you are going to struggle to get a good enough quality Laptop at that price that can handle most of the new games.

    I know Dell do the XPS brand and the Alien ware cheapest "gaming laptop" I can find is this…2~~

    ZX Spectrum 48K with a portable power pack or get Dell XPS Laptop (the killer laptop) or get this baby…748

    (Monnneyy Saver """)

    how about this one it has the best graphics card for the money , It was going for just under £500 b4 when I was looking at it.
    I'm gonna keep an eye on the price and then buy.…560

    Or a zx81 as alternative :P
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