Gaming laptop buying advice


    I'm toying with the idea of getting myself a gaming laptop, but the number of options out there is a bit confusing. So I am looking for some advice as to what is a good one to buy.

    First of all, I have a budget of £700 max, which i know is not a lot, but below are a few other things i'd like to get for my money:

    15.4" screen (with a decent resolution WSXGA or WUXGA)
    at least 3gb ram
    decent battery life (will be used away from the mains a lot)
    card reader
    preferrably a 200gb+ hard drive
    i guess its not likely, but i'd prefer xp to vista!
    any chance of a blu-ray drive at this budget?!
    a decent graphics card.

    can anyone provide me with any suggestion so what to get/ what to avoid!?!



    at least 3gb ram

    32bit Vista and XP can only use up to 3gb of RAM, so unless games can use more RAM than the OS they're running on (I'm really not sure on that?) its pointless going over 3gb at the moment without running 64bit XP or Vista.

    The one problem you might have is the battery life as a gaming laptop heats up quickly and drains power quickly.


    That laptop isn't being sold anymore


    That laptop isn't being sold anymore

    No, but it give the OP an idea of what they should be looking for, which is what they asked for :roll:
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