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    Hi there, been searching around for a while for a new gaming laptop. Have been checking HUKD also but nothing seems to come up thats what I'm after.
    My budget is around £1000, mainly will be gaming but also general purpose use. The reason for a laptop is purely for portability as I work away a lot etc.
    Any recommendations on brands and companies to buy from online? I'd rather buy knowing the seller has good customer services etc. As much as I know that this is the lower end of the market I'm after something that does look nice and isn't embarrassing to be seen with! The closest thing that meets what I'm after is the new dell inspiron 15 7000 with the i7 CPU, 16GB RAM, 1050 Ti graphics for £1049. Anyone had any experience with these?

    Thanks a lot.


    Keep away from Dell. Had it 10 months and the hinge became loose, pulled the case apart. Spent days communicating with everyone up to CEO. They say my warranty expired in January, when it left the factory, so that's 3 months short. Now they say I dropped it. They will repair it for £220. Not even a scratch on it. Gave up today, took bottom plate off and found I could access the single hinge screw on each side. Well I would be able to if it was there! 2 other screws were very loose too. So now I've used o e of the less important screws to replace the missing screw and it's back to how it should be.
    Suggest you Google dell hinge problem and look at dell reviews on the big review sites, not good reading. One star 99% of the time. There is no support and they say they have never had a report of a hinge problem. I pointed out the half a million hits on Google but they just ignore you. Thankfully my problem was a missing screw and I didn't pay £220 to have them damage it further (like many reviews).
    Better off buying off Dell boy and Rodney.

    the Asus can be a bit goofy.. but I love the slim feel of the gl702vt.

    can't believe it's 17inch. really not a bad piece of kit..
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    I've found Dell customer service to be quite good.
    That spec looks reasonable.

    Maybe not the 1050ti you were looking for but I have a gaming laptop for sale if you are interested?…751

    Currently have it up for £800 but willing to negotiate
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