Gaming laptop recommendations?

Found 29th Dec 2017
I’m looking for a gaming laptop but I have no idea where to start.
It will likely be purely for Overwatch but being a console noob I have no idea what specs are optimal.
Any decently priced laptop recommendations? And mouse recommendations?

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Something like the below with an nvidia 1050 would just be good enough to play with decent settings at 1080p. An nvidia 1050TI would allow max settings at 1080p and allow you to play a greater range of games down the line and a 1060 would increase that further.…805…800…333
What's your budget? That's the real starting point.
bjrosl11 h, 12 m ago

What's your budget? That's the real starting point.

My budget is probably about £700-£800 and £30 for a mouse. I know right now I can't just throw that money at a computer so I'm just looking for the best deals and advice on it
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