[Gaming] Micro Machines Delayed Until June 23rd

    Yep, you heard me right folks but at least it's only a 2 month delay and not 6, right?




    Serves them right for ripping off Toybox Turbos!

    Bah, been looking forward to this.

    Toybox Turbos was good if a little Bare-Bones, especially the Multiplayer. If they have proper online racing this time instead of just the elimination stuff I'll be very happy.

    Anyone remember micro maniacs.
    Great game

    Would micro maniacs work on a ps1 emulator on a PC?

    That's ok. A little game called A Breath of the Wild is launching March 3rd.


    Not surprised, as so far no actual gameplay footage has been shown yet has it?

    NNNOOOOOOO! Been looking forward to this, have to agree with Marcos have seen no gameplay yet! Hope they get this game right!

    Loved Micro Machines on Mega Drive, I remember taking my megadrive into school on the last day of term, we had two controllers playing 4 player you had to share the controller between two of you,

    Anyone remember Toy Commander on Dreamcast, I loved that game.

    Should have made a new grid.
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