gaming microphone?

    sorry if this is a stupid question, but basically we have PC & 5.1 sound system with av/receiver plugged into big telly. So son I think wants the ability to shout insults about people's mothers (or whatever) to the people he's gaming with.

    I understand the normal thing is a headset thing (headphones-cum-microphone), but that seems like it wouldn't work well due to 5.1 sound system in use. So a dekstop mic? Or is that also bad because of the background noise from the speakers? Is it a case of either/or between speakers & mic?


    I used to use one of these.…cs3 Sound is very clear unlike many built in headsets and you just clip it onto your shirt but remember to unclip before walking away. Caught me out a couple times. You may find it cheaper elsewhere, I don't think I paid that much (maybe I did). Just an idea.
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    Depends if you want to communicate to win or just shout stuff at people. Majority of times mic with speakers means other players can't hear there game properly when your mic is open. And will put them off and loose. And then they may cry and fail at life and blame you for a bad purchase . If it's just to shout stuff at people in a game that doesn't take too much sound positioning then itl be fine
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