Gaming Monitor - 144hz any suggestions

Looking for a good gaming monitor anyone recommend any ?


I've got an Acer XZ271 coming next week, only £250 compared to a LOT more for other brands/models*.

Not very many reviews for it, but it seems to be the Predator without the Gsync - which if you run an AMD GFX card, is perfect.

*I am talking models that you can bear to watch films on, most of the cheap 144Hz monitors are TN panels, the XZ is a VA, so most of the speed of the TN, with much of the colour and viewing angles of the IPS.

Type "144hz gaming" into the search bar, find one with heat that matches what you want/ your price bracket.…iew

Although I believe it has now been replaced by the BenQ ZOWIE XL2411

I don't have one myself but it is constantly being recommended to people asking for a monitor for use with both PC and consoles on Hexus, Toms and Ars forums.…c=1
Running with a 780ti it looks and feels great @144hz

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If you're down to continue playing at 1080p,why not go to the recently released 240hz monitors.
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