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Found 22nd Sep 2017
Hey all

I currently use a 32" TV for gaming and I only sit about 4-5 ft from the TV and it's far too big so looking for a new TV or Monitor for PS4 gaming.

I also will use as a PC monitor to connect to my laptop as a second monitor.

Any ideas looking to spend upto £120

I've seen loads online and wanted recommendations.

Also with response time is higher the number better…tml
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Sitting 6ft away from a 32" set shouldn't be too close, that's not even good for 720p at that distance.
32" at 1.2-1.5m isn't particularly big by PC standards, if anything that's on the small size for what most desktop monitors are these days, it's equivalent to 24" at 1m or a 15" laptop at a little over 2 ft.

Response time is a fairly meaningless number these days, if ghosting bothers you then you need to look at review of the results as it's dependant on other things as well.

A lot of gaming monitors are geared towards PC gaming with features like Freesync the PS4 doesn't support. Unless you're particularly bothered by one thing or another then there's probably not a lot to choose between them.
Thanks guys. It's more of space if I'm being honest. The TV is on a desk in my office and it far too big. I need something smaller. I would then sit at the edge of the desk so would only be less than a foot away rather than as I currently am sitting way back.
Heres your monitor click. Comes with 2 HDMI so you don't have to disconnect your PS4. Spend your remaining budget on a speaker and plug that into the headphone jack for better sound, something like this click.
The monitor discussed in this deal click.
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Hey I have one from my old gaming PC it's Samsung S23A700D 23" 120Hz . Just needs a new power plug for it, if you're interested?
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