Gaming Mouse help please!

    Hi all,
    My mouse decided to malfunction during the last chapter of a versus battle on L4D2 tonight (argh) so i need a new mouse. The temporary one ive got is a nasty old Dell one with the thickest wire youve ever seen on a mouse resulting in me barely being able to move the thing.

    The one that broke was just a wired mini laser that i found comfortable because it was small, light and had a very thin and therefore flexible wire.

    I've been having a look and I don't like these ergonomic hand-shaped ones as I kind of just use my finger tips and dont like resting my entire palm on the mouse, so any suitable mice suggestions would be more than welcome please!

    I know a lot of people have given the cheapy gigabyte ones on good reviews but theyre all moulded to fit your hand >.
    Ta in advance


    Get a Razor mouse ! It's worth the extra cash.
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