Gaming Mouse on a budget £20>

    Can anyone recomend a gaming mouse, im prepred to pay upto about £20. Needless to say, it must be a Laser Mouse.

    I mostly play Counter Strike 1.6 :geek:

    Im not sure if were allowed to post ebay links, but it not Mods please feel free to remove. :pirate:

    What do you guys think of these:…611

    This one is only 1000dpi, is that enough? And it is shaped centerally for left handers and right handers. I would prefer one shaped for just the right hand.…634

    Budget one,…255

    Any thoughts please?


    Difficult, every ideal mouse sits in the £35-£40 range... (i.e. Logitech G3/G5, MX518, Razer). Just upgraded my gaming mouse from an MX700 wireless mouse to a G5 and was positively shocked how much my skill improved on FPS games.

    I don't doubt 1000dpi will be perfectly adaquate, but once you factor in the VAT you're on £22.99 and might as well spend a little more on a Razer Krait. Also battery powered mice will definitely drive you insane if you're a heavy gamer - hence my recent upgrade.

    Yeah I agree I don't think you'll get a decent gaming mouse for £20. :-(
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