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Found 28th Mar 2009
Square Enix has plans to revisit Final Fantasy VII, according to producer Tetsuya Nomura.
The company recently announced that the upcoming Blu-ray release of Advent Children Complete will bring the curtain down on that saga, and is looking to expand on Final Fantasy VII for its next project.
A feature length film, PS2 spinoff and a PSP prequel have already been released as tie-in material to the PlayStation original but it appears that Square is not done yet, with Numura already planning "the next product in the compilation".
A FFVII remake has been rumoured for some time, but could be a long way off with Square Enix currently preparing Kingdom Hearts and two Final Fantasy XIII for release.

Bungie has revealed plans to produce additional Halo 3 content over the coming years.
The Washington-based developer split from Microsoft in 2007 to pursue multi-format projects, but it appears to be focusing on the Xbox 360 exclusive for the time being.
"Halo 3 took two and a half years to make, and we're still working on it," producer Allen Murray said. "We'll probably be working on it for two more years."
Bungie has expanded considerably since the split from its parent company. According to its GDC panel, several non-Halo projects are also in the pipeline.

Capcom has announced that Bionic Commando will be released in Europe and other PAL territories on May 22.
The publisher also revealed plot details for the upcoming remake. Taking control of Nathan Spencer, a government agent who is double-crossed and falsely imprisoned, the player must recapture the devastated Ascension City from the hands of a terrorist group.
Spencer's bionic arm, a series trademark since its 8-bit debut, will make a return, allowing the protagonist to traverse the in-game environments or ward off foes.
Bionic Commando will appear on PS3 and Xbox 360, with a PC version to ship shortly after the console release.

New Final Fantasy, WarioWare and Zelda games have been announced at Nintendo's Games Developer Conference keynote earlier today.
The Legend Of Zelda: Spirit Tracks is a tentative title for a new DS Zelda game featuring the same visual style and controls to Phantom Hourglass. Plot details are scarce, but Link's latest adventure will feature a train for transport and fighting, according to Eurogamer.
For WiiWare, Final Fantasy IV: The After Years is a sequel to the classic role-playing game, as well as news of My Life As A Darklord, a new iteration in the Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles series.
Rock And Roll Climber will combine use of the Balance Board, Wii remote and Nunchuk to climb a rock face. The WiiWare game also hinted at using a guitar peripheral in some capacity.
A new channel, the Virtual Console Arcade, will add retro arcade titles to the Wii. Mappy, Star Force, Galaga 3 and The Tower of Druaga are now available for 500 points each.
For DSiWare, WarioWare Snap will use the inside camera for solving microgames, such as moving balls away with your hands or shaking water from your face.
Also announced was Moving Memo, which will allow stylus and microphone input to create animations to be uploaded and shared with others worldwide.

A remake of action-puzzler Katamari Demacy will be coming to the PS3.
Katamari Demacy Tribute will be a greatest hits version of the series, featuring new modes and in-game items, according to Eurogamer.
A well as new visual styles such as a black and white stage, the game will run in full 1080p, as opposed to 360's Beautiful Katamari's 720p output.
It will also feature many of the same locations, music and items from previous iterations, according to translations from other websites.
The Katamari series, which started on PlayStation 2 in 2004, follows a galactic prince as he rolls up items with his adhesive ball, gradually getting larger as the game progresses, starting off with dice and coins all the way up to cars and people.

The upcoming Wii remake of Punch Out! will include Balance Board support.
Nintendo has confirmed that the weight-sensitive board can be used in conjunction with the Wii remote and Nunchuk to shift around the ring, according to Kotaku.
This will be the third control scheme for the game, including standard Wii remote and Nunchuk controls and a classic NES mode with the remote turned sideways.
The roster has also been upped to 16 players, with confirmation that Don Flamenco from the original will return.
The classic boxing series originated from the arcades in 1984, seeing a NES release and a SNES sequel a decade later.
Punch Out! will be released on May 22.
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