Gaming office chair help please, max £120

Posted 4th Jun
Hello, so my 8 year old has been spending a lot more time at his desk since lockdown began and is complaining of a bad back. He would love a gaming chair, not an x rocker the height adjustable kind he can use at his desk. There are so many out there with mixed reviews and I don’t know which ones are best or where is the best place to buy? Any help would be much appreciated. I ideally didn’t want to spend more than £100 but I read on a different thread that most of the ones under £100 are not very good so I can stretch to £120ish but I know that’s still low compared to the best kind of chairs but any help or recommendations in this price bracket would be great. Thanks
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8 year old with back pain?
What's he gonna do for the rest of his life?

This is a serious matter. Restrict his gaming to 2 hours a day. I used to be like your son in my younger days and now have constant neck pain every single day. X-rays have shown a tear in my spinal cord.
For £100 you can get a decent 2nd hand chair - look for things like humanscale on ebay.
BadMF04/06/2020 14:16

On my watch list atm. My OH has swiped the one I had in my study so I'm looking for another. he wants £35 delivery though. I'm thinking about driving over.
Much more choice down south. The mesh backed ones are very comfortable and supportive (humanscale liberty or Diffrient)
Brothersofficefurniture & 2ndhnd both have web support. email, phone service to give advice suitable chairs. Could look at chairs that are rated for 24 hour use.
Thanks for your help everyone. He doesn’t game for 2 hours a day, he is sat at his desk doing school work. It’s more like a numb bum rather than bad back because he is on a cheap plastic swivel chair at the moment. His desk didn’t get much use prior to lockdown but we definitely need something better for him to sit on in there now and he thinks gaming chairs look cool and it will look nice in his room.
A little massage with magnesium oil will fix that then.
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