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    Looking for a gaming pc, or to build one, budget £300-£350, what games can I play on a pc with this budget?
    Any advice or parts list would be much appreciated.


    Build one, it would be a very low spec gaming PC at that price though!

    I doubt you'll find a pre-built gaming PC at that price.
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    You'll struggle to get a complete PC of any sort for that budget, let alone a gaming one. Do you have any parts or peripherals already you could use? Particularly the expensive bits like a monitor or a copy of windows but with such a tight budget everything will help.

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    I have a monitor, mouse, keyboard and a copy of Windows.
    I'm looking for a good combination of motherboard, processor and graphic card.

    I'd probably go for something like:

    Pentium Anniversary Edition
    £40 Socket 1150 motherboard
    2x4GB memory
    120GB SSD + 1TB Hard drive
    eVGA GTX 750 Superclocked
    £20 Case
    £30-35 power supply (e.g. XFX Pro 450W).

    If you don't need the storage or you're not doing anything on the machine except gaming you could cut down on the SSD & hard drive and spend more on the graphics card.

    2x Asus GTX580 video card £100each card if you get both £160
    1x Asus M5A99X EVO £50
    1x Antec Six Hundred V2 PC Case £30 with Akasa USB 3 Memory Card Reader - internal
    1x Amd Fx 8-core Fx 8150 - 3.6 Ghz Eight Core Black Edition Processor £60

    or nearest offers

    At that price...

    1 x PS4.


    At that price...1 x PS4.

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