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Found 30th Mar
Hi all. I have an old gaming pc with the following specs that I got from a kind person on Freecycle :-

AMD m4a88t-v evo motherboard.
AMD PHENOM II X4 B50 processor.
8 GB 1300mhz ddr3 ram.
Comes with windows 7.
500gb and 250gb hard drives.
Cd drive and dvd drive.
Cooler master cavalier cav-t01 case.

The previous owner removed the graphics card before passing it on.

I would just like a bit of advice please on what would be the best graphics card I could buy to make it able to play games on as I'm a newbie.
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Need to know PSU? Budget?
How do I check PSU please.
If you look at your power supply normally at the bottom, it will have a watt value written on it, you’ll have to have the case open to see that.
Ok thankyou. I'll have a look when I get back home.
It's a fairly slow processor by current standards. Around half to two thirds the speed of a modern low end model like a Pentium G4560.

I'd go for an RX 560, particularly if you're going to be buying a new screen for it too.

The power supply and space in the case should both be sufficient. The cards typically paired with Phenom II X4s were larger and more power hungry.
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