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      Posted 29th Nov
      Hi. I have been tasked with finding a gaming pc for a young teenager. Currently plays fortnite but might play better stuff soon. So I need something that is "future proof" I use the term loosely as I know that does not exist with a pc but one that could do more graphicly demanding games.

      Budget is less than a grand but that must include monitor. Also I'm not bothered about 4k,prob better with 1080 but better frame rate.

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      This is would be overkill a bit...…tml
      Drop down manual, change cpu to 3600X for extra 1p

      i would recommend following spec you should look for. I would be under £600 if self-build

      Ryzen 5 3600 <= don't need to upgrade for couple of years
      B450/ X570 motherboard with 4 slot RAM
      2 x 4 GB DDR4 3000/ 3200 RAM <= upgrade when required
      RX 580 8GB / GTX 1650 super <= best for 1080p right now. upgrade when required
      SSD what ever size you like
      decent 500W PSU £50 - 60
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      That's great and a perfect example thanks.
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