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Found 17th Nov 2017
Hi all,

My son has asked for a gaming PC for Christmas, I'm absolutely stumped! I'll admit I'm clueless as tech stuff and don't know the first place to start.

ive googled and read reviews for the past week and still no nearer to understanding. I'm still at the cost of them but don't want to buy him something crap that will just be a waste of money that I can't afford to waste.

i know there are some seriously clued up tech bods out there so hoping someone can advise / point me in the right direction.

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You will want a computer that has a decent amount of RAM and a good GPU (e.g. GTX 1050). You can get bundle deals that includes the monitor, keyboard and mouse but depending on how good the PC is the more expensive it will be.

Something like this for a bundle deal:…dle
Wow, that's much cheaper than some of the ones I've been looking at. Thank you
First off what games does he want to play and do you want a monitor or for it to be hooked up to a TV and for him to use a controller like a console but with pc games?
Agree with the post above, need to know what he plans to play, if you give an idea of budget that would also help.
He plays online games, world of Warcraft I think one's called and some others, sorry not very clued up on gaming. He does have a tv in his room but never uses it so I think maybe he'd prefer a monitor. He hasn't mentioned a controller but if that's preferable to use with he's gaming then I'd be happy to get him one.

He's never asked for any disc type games, I guess because he's got all hand held consoles. He did say he wants a PC with an operating system installed though. He suggested a price range of between £500-£800 when I asked how much I'd be looking at but I have seen some are much more than that
Get some more information from him:

List of games he wants to play now and in the near future

Does he have a monitor/keyboard/mouse in good working order?

What OS?

Does he have much interest in building a PC? It can be pretty satisfying and good bonding time to build it together if that's possible, it also allows for a lot of money saving compared to buying pre-built and also more options.

No need to buy any anti-virus software, they are usually worse than the free ones available - Malwarebytes is great software and free.

Lots of great information here:…pc/
Firstly don't buy a laptop.

The problem with pre built machines is they often use less than average parts and sometimes limit 'upgradability' which means after 3/4 years you can't do much with it.

Buy all your parts separately. I would use PCPartPicker website, the Reddit forum r/buildapc - find a local computer shop that will assemble your parts for £50-100
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