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I've just stumbled across this deal, there's only 1 and it's a one off clearance so I've not put it as a deal as likely only I can get it, but is this a good price? I wanted the £699 PC from currys a few weeks back so at £1199 is this worth the difference or am I best holding off till Black Friday? It's the PC Specialist Vortex Fusion IV which is currently £1499 in store.

Advice needed for the above uses, CAD and Gaming. I know coffee lake is now out, and the lower end processors are now 6 core which will be better for CAD, but it's at university level not professional, as professional workstations are thousands.

Thanks a tonne!:/
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I'd say it depends on how much solidworks you want to do and how complex your assemblies are. The GTX 1080 is a good card for gaming (I think, I'm not a gamer) but it's not great for solidworks as it's not a cad card or supported by solidworks. That said I've used solidworks on computers without a workstation graphics card and it's fine for basic use. But of useful info here…ps/

I'd say at about £1200 you could get a system more suitable for solidworks although it wouldn't be as good as gaming as the one you posted.. I got a new PC at work yesterday, a dell, xeon, 16gb, 500gb ssd and a workstation graphics card and apparently it was about £1100 - £1200 without a monitor. I think that's what the IT man said anyway.. I'm not sure what model it is but can have a look tomorrow if it helps.
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