Gaming PC build

Posted 31st Aug 2020
Hi currently building my first gaming PC build, I have a couple of parts already but I am interested in seeing what would be best for performance etc for the build.
Parts I have
- Ryzen 5 3600X
- Tomahawk Max MoBo
- Corsair 220T RGB case
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seeing as ur half way there, rest comes down to the dirty D......

512gb nvme by adata SX8200 pro line is nice if not 1tb versions.
5700xt saphire pulse or powercolour red devil
2070 super by giga
3200mhz ram to 3600mhz by various of brands from £55 for ur adata then u got corsair pro rgb is good to rock.
CR550 psu is nice, then the likes of the other higher varients of corsair, then u got some nice be quites where u cant go wrong.
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