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    I am looking at a new gaming PC. for £729 I have found 2 options, one has better (7500) processor and Z270 motherboard with a GTX 1060, the other has a lesser processor (6400) with H110 motherboard, but with a GTX 8GB 1070

    I5 6400 3.3GHz / H110 - 8 GB RAM / GTX 1070 8GB DDR

    I5 7500 3.8 GHz / Asus Prime Z270-P 8GB RAM / GTX 1060 6GB

    I really dont know whether to get the 1070 GPU or the i5 7500 processor - any thought please?


    Games only? Go with GTX 1070. There is no big difference between those CPU, not until you will swap GPU for something like 2xGTX1080 or any top GPU from AMD. You will get much more FPS from better GPU.
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    The motherboard is neither here nor there, especially when you only have it's chipset and not any details about it.

    The 7500 is around 13% faster than the 6400 while the 1070 is around 35% faster than the 1060. Pick whichever is more valuable for your use.

    You may also want to consider an RX 480 8GB system as then you can pick up a variable refresh rate monitor for smoother output for a lower price instead of shelling out for an expensive G-sync monitor.

    If you are gaming regularly with AAA titles, go for the 1070. If you are more causal but the extra horsepower might be useful then go for the better CPU. The 1060 is still an awesome card. I'm not an AMD guy but I agree with @EndlessWaves that it is worth checking out the 480. Right now it had the 1060 beat for DX12 and Vulkan games and it is slowly catching up with current DX11 games.

    The motherboard for z270 seems unecessary if you don't have an unlocked CPU for overclocking (z boards for overclocking in particular).

    The 1070 wins for sure if it is going to be mainly for gaming and it will be good for 1440p gaming too.

    If you plan on doing things like video editing and complex coding then the processor might make a difference.
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